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  • Mood: Angsty
Sleepy   Sleep  :sleepy:  I think I've fainted.  :5moremins:   Yawn   Grump   I need to pee!!!   Toilet Paper  Smoking Hi! Race car project number2 :officechair::music:   Idea   OMG MOAR POEMS!   Oh yeah. Yay. Good for you.   OMG MOAR POEMS!   Nod  I need to pee!!!  Smoking   OMG MOAR POEMS!  Sun Smoking  :music:   OMG MOAR POEMS!   I need to pee!!!    :emailsend: revision  Sun Crash   Email Send   Idea   OMG MOAR POEMS!:chugsodas:    :deliciouscake:   I need to pee!!!  Smoking :officechair: :music:    OMG MOAR POEMS!    OMG MOAR POEMS!    :emailsend: revision Personal Computer    my pc life...    I need to pee!!!    You talk too much!   Crash Smoking   I need to pee!!!   :drained:   :stayawake:    deviantART Groups    :happybounce:    Headbang!   :bademoticon:   Where Do Emoticons Live?   I need to pee!!!  Bong Hit  my pc life...    :music:   dont lose the game D: I love Burger - Avatar Bong Hit I need to pee!!!   my pc life... :music: :musicnote: Music emoticon  Roll Eyes I need to pee!!! my pc life...  my pc life... my pc life... my pc life... my pc life...  Never Challenge a proCheers  OMG MOAR POEMS!  Roll Eyes Bored Yawn:sleepytyper:  Bong Hit Sleep :sleep: rvmp Sleepy